Nina Childers of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Nina Childers

Owner/Creative Director
Owner, Mother, Wife. 20 years of experience in industry. Always educating herself in the latest trends and techniques. When she's not behind the chair you'll find her taking pride in everything that goes on behind the scenes. "Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous"
{ hours not available }
Brittany Franks of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Brittany Franks

Senior Stylist
Bobs, Lobs and Blondes all the way for our stylist Brittany. With over 9 years in the industry she has an eye for color and tone balance, so each of her clients leave feeling like they got a personalized service.
{ Tues: 3-9 Weds: 3-9 Thurs: 3-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Leah DiLoretto of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Leah DiLoretto

Senior Stylist/Makeup Artist
Leah is a youthful trend-setter, celebrated for being a glamorous updo expert, her balayage techniques and flawless make-up applications. Her artistry is complemented by her passion for shopping, which keeps her aware of the latest trends.
{ Tues: 3-9 Weds: 9-3 Thurs: 3-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Ashley Jakubik of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Ashley Jakubik

General Manager/Make-up Artist
Ashley is a go-getter, a can-do person and a jack of all trades who wears many hats to fit her role at our salons. Ashley is motivated by her love of the beauty industry and her commitment to her team members.
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Marissa Grohosky of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Marissa Grohosky

Marissa excels in choosing the perfect cut and color for her clients. Attending continuing education classes is always a must for her to add to her creativity. She is fearless in trying new things and diving in to create new looks.
{ Tues: 3-9 Weds: 9-3 Thurs: 9-3 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Ashley Harkins of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Ashley Harkins

Stylist/Assistant Manager
If you want gorgeous hair that looks and feels healthy, allow Ashley to work her magic. As a L'Oreal trained stylist, she possesses an ongoing commitment to education. Whether your hair needs a Brazilian Treatment, nourishing, or reconstruction, it's Ashley to the rescue.
{ Tues: 3-9 Weds: 3-9 Thurs: 9-3 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Kelsey Schroeder of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Kelsey Schroeder

Kelsey is a southern girl who enjoys spending time with family and friends and her dog Bentley. She has been working at Bella since 2016 and specializes in highlighting and blonding.
{ Tues: 9-3 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Alysa Carpenter of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Alysa Carpenter

Alysa will leave you feeling obsessed with your hair. She has a love for blondes but an eye for all hair color and haircuts.
{ Sun: 8-4 }
Omar Ahmed of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Omar Ahmed

Saying that Omar has passion for our industry would be an understatement. He excels in men's hair crafting and design as well as woman haircuts. If you are looking for an extra pop of color he is your guy.
{ Tues: 2-9 Weds: 11-7 Thurs: 2-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Rachael Ayers of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Rachael Ayers

Lover of Bobs, Lobs, and Blondes. When Rachael isn't working magic behind the chair she is a dog mama to the fullest, a coffee addict and a huge positivity pursuer!
{ Sat: 8-4 }
Blaine Rodenbaugh of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Blaine Rodenbaugh

Creative Director/Educator
Blaine puts his all into everything he does. He is a firm believer in ego-friendly environments. When he is not at the salon you can find Blaine traveling the east coast with his educators hat on teaching other salons about our beautiful brand Eufora.
{ Weds: 1-9 Thurs: 11-5 Fri: 11-5 Sat: 10-4 }
Emily Colletta of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Emily Colletta

Emily personality shines through out the salon and makes you want to be around her. She'll give you a bomb ass balayage and have you leaving here feeling like a million dollars.
{ Tues: 3-9 Weds: 3-9 Thurs: 3-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Kaitlyn Delaney of Charlotte Thomas Salon

Kaitlyn Delaney

Stylist/Make-up Artist
You can't be around Kaitlyn without smiling. She is one of a kind. From Balayage to being totally ready to try something new with you. When she isn't here you can find her at the gym or with friends.
{ Tues: 3-9 Weds: 3-9 Thurs: 3-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }